Anonymous: I really need your help :( I just found out my long distance boyfriend has been cheating on me for the last 8 months. I'm shocked, hurt, angry, and every other feeling. I feel like our relationship was a lie and its hard for me to believe because when we weren't long distance he was the perfect bf. Idk what to do. I feel like I will never move on from this. Idk how to stop thinking about it and I just have all these questions. Im hurting so badly. Please help.

I know how heartbreaking something like this can be. I wish I could tell you a miracle cure to get over this, but unfortunately, this is going to be a difficult process. However, experiences such as these, however painful they may be, help us grow to be stronger people. Spoiler alert: he was never the right one for you. “The one” won’t hurt you like this. You have to do your best to think of this relationship as what it was: a lesson on how to love, but not your forever. Anyone who would do this is not the kind of guy you want to shape your future around. If he seemed perfect and still cheated for 8 months, he is selfish, a liar, and excuse my language, a shitty guy. He will do the same thing to his next girlfriend and his wife. Some people just aren’t loyal and I know you don’t want to be with someone who you can’t trust. Your relationship was not a lie. I can tell you this does not discount what you had with him. It just means he isn’t a good person and not someone who deserves you. Your relationship is not suddenly worthless because of this. It’s just time to move on. Give yourself time to grieve. You will think about it a lot and it will hurt, but time will heals all things. The most important step is, after you feel like you’ve mourned the loss enough, you need to force yourself to get in the mindset to let go and move on. People don’t realize that a huuuge part of getting over a breakup is deciding you’re ready to get over it. Only you can choose when you’re ready to stop crying and move forward with your life. Some good motivation to do so is remembering that the best revenge is being happy without someone. So nurture yourself, give yourself time to be sad, and then wake up, tell yourself you’re a bad bitch and that no one can mess with you, then be a bad bitch and don’t let anyone mess with you. You can do it!! I know you can!